Choices.  NBS was founded in 1998 as a fastener importer with the aim of bringing distributors a new choice, a different option, an alternative selection.  From flange bolts and sockets to pins and washers, we believe that offering our customers a new choice will not only serve as a benefit, but ultimately improve the fastener industry as well.  This philosophy has guided us for nearly 20 years as NBS now carries the largest selection of hex flange bolts, 12 point cap screws and dowel pins in the entire United States.   Because in the end, everyone benefits from having more options and at NBS, we believe that we've got it all.


  •  March Super Clearance!

    Floor Board Screw Special!

    » March 5, 2015

  •  Valentine's Special!

    Spend $250 or more online and get free shipping!

    » February 1, 2015

  •  New 18-8Stainless Steel Dowel Pins!

    NBS is starting to bring in 18-8 Stainless Steel Dowel Pins!

    » January 13, 2015